Innovation and Science Combined


You may have considered private label before but didn’t move forward with it.  We find usually it is because of several reasons.

1.  Most private label products are comedogenic.

2.  They contain basic ingredients at best and are far from innovative

3.  They do not keep up with consumer trends and demands

4.  The minimum orders were restrictive and made it difficult

5.  Overwhelmed at how to market the product


What makes us different?

Innovative Ingredients

Many companies do private label but the ingredient profiles are far from cutting edge.  Your customers are online and much savvier than they where 10 years ago.  Many professional esthetics brands do not innovate alongside with consumer trends.  Our innovative ingredients follow consumer trends.

Do you have snail filtrate, dragons blood or precious metals in your professional range?  Then they are not following consumer trends.


Formulated by a Cosmetic Chemist who is an Esthetician

One of the biggest challenges with product development is a combining of skin science as well as chemistry.  There are many cosmetic chemists, but often the understanding of skin science and structure is missing.  Ever wondered why so many cosmetics can be comedogenic?  It is because many chemists are not truly aware.  By being able to link skin structure and function to ingredients we can create truly transformative cosmetics that your customers will love.


Low Minimums

Being in business is tough at times.  We don’t put up barriers to your success.  Our minimum order is only 5 units per product.  There is no minimum opening order or ongoing orders. We only charge a $15 handling fee for orders under $200.


Marketing Assistance

With every product we release we will provide you with in depth information regarding the product and the ingredients to assist you with marketing it.  This has a double benefit.  It helps you to market the benefits better.  It also makes it believable that the product is actually yours.  This is really critical.  If your clients ask you a question and you can’t answer it and the product was supposedly formulated by you then your credibility is questioned.  This is also the biggest barrier to successful sales of your product as well.  You NEED to understand what the ingredients do on a molecular level.  It is important for establishing you as a credible expert.

With Private Label With A Difference we make it easy for you to succeed.